Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Once again its the life

Now for my next magic trick...Ima make my life reappear!

People often say that the more things change the more they stay the same. I beg to differ. I think once things change, its sets in motion a chain reaction that ensures that nothing will be the same ever again. Sometimes we fear change. We cling to what we know because we are comfortable with it and because it gives US a sense of belonging. Forget venturing to the greener grass, we don't even want to get near to the fence. I used to be one of those persons, set in my ways. I've always been one to stick to what I know and never roam far from my comfort zone. And to be fair, in many ways I am still that person. I still feel most comfortable in a fresh pair of jeans and button ups. I still analyze and rethink everything I'm about to say when conversing with females. If you did a history report on my life thus far, the one most distinctive feature you'd recognize is that all of my previous relationships have been with virtually the same person, i.e all of my past partners shared similar qualities. The thing is, It was never something that I did Consciously. I guess once you have a type, you stick to it. Well last year I decided to break out of that mould and venture to the other side of the fence. In that one decision to break away and try something new, I have found that it is OK to change. Change the friends you keep. Change the way you speak. Change the way you see the world. I've changed alot over the past year. Inspired by the person that sparked this change, I've become a better person. And while she doesn't get all of the credit, she deserves most of it. In her I see all the things that makes the destination worth the journey. Its been almost a year now and I have never been happier. That's not to say that I haven't encounter any obstacles, but I have found myself to be more resourceful when trying to overcome them. I've been through many different phases like Mazes to find my way but it was all worth it cause now happy days are here to stay.

Embrace change but always remain true to who you are.......

Thank You..for CHANGING my life.