Monday, April 23, 2012


November fall like summer nights, slowly at first and then fast as sunlight. She smells as sweet as Spring, but can be as cold as winter. This seasonal love is causing my heart to splinter. So I'm doing whatever short of giving her a ring, Cause to see November smile is such a beautiful thing. 30 days she gave me, to love her right. So my unwavering love I committed for 30 days & 30 nights. And at the end of our odyssey it became clear to me, I needed much more time for this November fling. As we've spent more time together, we've gone through a lot. From very cool days to crazy nights that were hot. Being so consumed with life some times you forget what matters most. Like days on a calender, you wonder where did the time go. With November I'm relaxed, every moment I savor. She's my first bbm in the morning and the last name in my nightly prayer. Just to see her face or to hear her speak. I wish every month was November, that's how much she's captivated me. I've been infatuated before with Decembers and Julys. But this November love affair feels like it will never die. No more Aprils' fool or Octobers' tricks, My bones may have been stoned but this November sticks. So as I put pen to paper and write these lines, I imagine November's lips and her lovely brown eyes. Her soul's window, that allowed me inside. She's finally in park, no longer along for the ride. I'm giving November my all because it comes naturally to me, I don't wanna make her heart race, I wanna make it sing! And when her song is over, I will put it on repeat. Because the song her heart sings is my favorite L.P.

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