Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Son becomes the Father

Dreams of my father like rain on a window pane,
Left me alone in this world with his blood in my veins.
Now this isn't the life I thought I'd live,
But sometimes in life there's more take and less give.
With that in my mind I stopped praying a long time ago,
Cause what can i tell God that He don't already know.
I see my Father in My son's face every night while he sleeps,
and God can take away everything but my son Ima keep.
I lost 3 years of his life that I'll never get back,
so pardon me if sometimes I'm quick to snap.
somethings i will give him, somethings he'll earn,
and as for those many life lessons, yeah, he'll learn.
I maybe hard on him now but but in time he will see,
that there's always more to life than what appears to be.
As i watch him grow, I try to shape and mold him,
He's a charmer like my father was so sometimes I have to scold him.
Keep him in line, you know, the straight and narrow,
and pray that Cupid misses him with that bow & arrow.
Girls, there will be too many, true love, too few,
but when you meet the right one,you'll know exactly what to do.
Treat all women with respect, even tho they may not deserve it,
and when it comes to your respect, remember, you have to earn it.
Enjoy life to the fullest, live in the moment,
always be responsible, if you made it, you have to own it.
My moms say he will grow up to be the Prime Minister,
So I remind him no matter how you start, be a strong finisher.
And if there's ever a time that you feel you've lost your way,
get comfy by your beside, get on your knees...and pray.

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